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How we rate our items

Condition of items:

When purchasing any Vintage or Pre-loved goods, whether you are online or on the high street, you should always expect some form of wear and tear with used items. Sizing can vary due to years of wear and washing as well as a change in generic sizing measurements over the years. Therefore the sizing on the label may not be an accurate depiction of the item.

Some mens items may fit women oversized, depending on size. This is why we show the label size as well as current measurements. If you have any queries about the size of an item please just drop us a message and we can help with any questions you have.

 At some point, items may have been professionally refurbished/altered to bring back some of the original qualities.

We do not sell any items that have been poorly refurbished/changed.

Here at Otis Thrift Shop, we try our best to categorise how ‘used’ each item is with the following descriptions:

  • EXCELLENT - Item is in excellent condition OR like new. No signs of wear or tear.
  • GREAT - Item is in great condition but may appear slightly worn due to being pre-loved. Minor defects or flaws may be visible. (Eg. tag/pin holes, small marks or holes)
  • GOOD - Item is in good condition but there are visible signs of wear and tear (eg. visible marks on fabric, missing button etc.) Major, noticeable flaws to the product will be outlined in product description and images and therefore reflected in price.
  • FAIR - This section is only for a small number of our products. To do as much as we can to help the planet, these items can be purchased as a home repair project. This is a fantastic way of re-using clothes and reducing the impact on the environment. Items under the ‘fair’ condition rating will be offered at a much lower price to reflect the quality.

Every listed item will be backed up by a full description, with photos included. Rest assured, the item you purchase will be exactly as described. We go the extra mile to make sure that there are no surprises when you receive your goods. 

Please make sure to check your individual items care label prior to washing as vintage items are often very delicate and require specific care such as hand wash or dry clean only.

We have a very thorough cleaning process for any items we look to re-sell. If you are concerned about the condition or care of any item that you wish to purchase, we ask that you get in touch with our team prior to purchasing. We are happy to offer advice on repair/cleaning.